Starting Point

The best place to begin is to establish the site’s primary target audience. Are they younger, older, affluent, budget minded — or are they something else? Next we help determine what the primary purpose of the website will be. Is it to sell product, to inform, to socialize, to seer the public to a special event — or for another purpose? (We have a detailed design questionnaire to facilitate all that.)

Once your core audience and purpose is identified, we then begin the process of building your website. Key components include:

  • Creating the website organizational structure.
  • Customizing your design (each web site is created to reflect the service and personality of your business).
  • Branding your logo (should you need that).
  • Building the web (using HTML5, style sheets, while using WordPress).
  • Make your website “responsive” (looking good on smart phones, tables and various other screen sizes).
  • Testing your site to confirm that it is cross-browser friendly with the popular versions.
  • Helping you select and an appropriate web host service provider.

Initial Planning

Preparing the content for your website requires proper planning, not just for what should be included now, but for what may be added later. The decisions you make now will lay the foundation for a long-term, consistently effective web presence.

 Consider these essential items…