website design for coffee houses, bars and restaurants

Website Design for Delicious Endeavors

So, what’s considered delicious these days? Admittedly, that’s pretty subjective. But, it’s safe to say that a local brewpub, restaurant or even a wine tasting event is pretty darn delicious. A cooking school, honeybee rescue service, bike shop or even a Himalayan trekking agency – that’s pretty tasty too. (Obviously, we’re pretty flexible on the delicious adjective.) That being said, it’s our philosophy that in order for us to do our best work, we must believe in the product, service or mission of our clients. And innovative, fun, brilliant, delicious, endeavors is what we endeavor to be a part of!

Relationship is operated by Richard Hamel who utilizes a small circle of talented associates within the website design, communications, and branding disciplines on an as-needed basis. Yup, we’re a small shop. But, it’s one where you can expect the personal attention and follow-through that is not so prevalent these days in business. A relationship with WB is not unlike having a webmaster on staff, employed only when website services are needed, done by those who really cares!


The style we employ is an organic one. We steer clear of unimaginative, overly flashy, and boilerplate formats often produced by commercial-minded webmasters. Instead, we create custom made, user-friendly, designs that communicate important information: comfortable, intuitive, with plenty of images and character. But our finished projects speak for themselves.

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