The Options

Aside from the essential pages and applications within the website, there are equally important other ones to consider. And, as part of our planning process, we’ll figure out which pages and applications are best for you. But for now, you may wish to consider these popular options:

  • Blog – Post articles on the Home page, or someplace else.
  • Shopping Cart – Are you operating an online store? If so, you’ll need this.
  • Password-protected Pages – Manage which pages one can view, and manage access to the administrative panels.
  • Membership Subscription and Control – Multilevel subscription options.
  • Newsletter Emailer – Sign them up, then send them newsletters and whatnot.
  • Share – Share the site or article within a social network or by email.
  • Social Network Feeds – Stream in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.
  • Dynamic Calendar – Showcase your events and meetings easily.
  • Google Analytics – Understand your web traffic.
  • And more.

 After you website is completed…