Karnali Excursions

  • Product: Tour Company
  • Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Date Website Launched: May 2016
  • Web Address: karnaliexcursions.com

Karnali Excursions is an adventure travel operator in Kathmandu, Nepal. KE brings visitors to Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan with scheduled and customized trips. They also offer pilgrimages and spiritual journey’s to Holy Mt. Kailash trough their affiliate company, Kailash Trekking (also created through WebsiteBrew).

The client needed to easily showcase their extensive tour options within a search mechanism that would be easy to use. They needed a design that would be as inviting to the viewer as the locations the customers are taken to, a website that would be far more easy to update, and they wanted their content to be nicely accessible on various mobile devices.

With the employment of a custom template, the menu of trips are now easily and uniformly entered into the database. The result is a visually pleasing, consistent, posting of all their available trips.  The customer is now able to choose trips by such factors as: type (tour vs. trek), popularity, location, length of time, and level of difficulty and other categories. And since the website is built on the WordPress platform, the client has complete control over content and users. Moreover, the client has the ability to design new pages and posts via a drag-and-drop interface. And, of course, the website is beautifully responsive on various viewing sizes and devices.