Will our new site be a content management system (CMS)?

Yes. Our content management system (CMS) websites are built on the WordPress platform. It utilizes PHP, dynamic plug-ins, along with HTML5 language via a series of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3). WordPress is not only the most popular and versatile website platform available, it’s also considered the most user-friendly. And since more than 60% of all CMS websites are now built on WordPress, you won’t have to worry about having to change platforms anytime soon.

Can you make mobile device-friendly websites?

Yes. The design direction you select, however, will determine how “responsive” your website will be on mobile devices. But our backend templates, style sheets and use of BootStrap markups, will insure that your device will conform to most viewing screen sizes.

How long will it take to create a new website for us?

Generally speaking, about 5 weeks–from beginning to going live. Of course, this timeline has a lot to do with how quickly you, the client, provide us with the answers and content that we need. But knowing how important it is to get your new website out to the viewing public, we won’t be sitting on our hands.

Is there a monthly fee after the site is built?

Nope. Once the site is built, it’s yours. No additional costs or fees will incur unless you have maintenance modifications or edits you wish for us to perform for you.

Can you rebrand our logo?

Yes. We rebrand quite a few of our client’s logos. Since, however, this is a specialty area, we have a small group of branding/identity professionals to do it for us (at a reduced rate) instead of inhouse.

Will you advise us on what to include in our new site?

Yes, that’s what we do best. We have some important questions to ask you, such as: Who’s your audience? What’s the website’s primary purpose? Which functions should it have? What content should be in the new website? How responsive should your site be to mobile devices? (We have a detailed design questionnaire to facilitate all that.) More on this here.

Once the site is built, will you train us?

Yes. Once your new website is complete, we’ll train you on the basics of Post, Page and Event/Calendar item creation, how to add new users, along with other content management fundamentals. (Specifics are stated within the written proposal.) Often times this training takes form in either two one-hour telephone training sessions, a customized video tutorial, or set of printed instructions. More on this here.

Do you provide support after the site is built?

Yes. Should you need us to provide periodic maintenance, such as applying new applications to enhance your marketing and development potential, or to even create new Posts, Pages and Events/Calendar item, we’ll be here for you.  Our maintenance fees are charged on a per-hour basis (at 15-minute increments), on a prearranged agreement of time and rate. More on this here.

FAQ didn’t answer your question?

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